South Street

Most all of our entertainment has to do with eating at the greatest restaurants, and South Street is definitely on the top restaurants here. We first heard of half off sushi at Virago downtown, but that did not turn out. Virago only had valet parking, everyone walking in were wearing ties and dresses, they did not have highchairs (for our friends with a baby) and asked Brian and another friend we were with to take off their hats! We felt so out of place that we ran out of there, but Brian and I had both heard that South Street was amazing so we had to try it out. (And it's across the street from Taylor Swift's place.)

We all tried a little of everything here, but we have learned to just ask what the most popular meal is and order it, we have rarely been disappointed with the food. It was a good southern meal, but if we lived here permanently I don't think we would ever be able to stop eating all of the delicious fried food! 

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