Here are the most random pictures from the past few months that have been happening:

Bri and I both quit our jobs for finals and we have definitely had a lot of free time!

We got free cards to Waffle Luv....best waffles ever

My mom loves tulips so I brought her some as a thank you for taking my sis and I to Vegas

I decided to dye my hair blonde....so that was fun
I always let my sis experiment on my hair, she used to put me in tears when I was younger because my hair would turn out so horrible. Don't ask me why I trust her today haha

 We took care of our friends pup while they were on vacation. 
Django would annoy her the whole time, she couldn't stand him.
I miss having another girl in the house now!

It was a nightmare flying to and from Hawaii!
(the positive was we actually made more money in flight credits than what we spent on our flights)
Halfway to Hawaii we had to turn around for an emergency landing because a man either had a stroke or seizure...we still don't know the full story.
On our way back we had a 12 hour layover in San Diego, so we got a hotel and spent the night and went back to the airport for our 7 am flight....which was cancelled. 
They put us on all different flights.
We were supposed to be home at 11am, but didn't get home until midnight!
Let's just say it was a loooooong day. 
^^flight essentials
+pillow & blanket
+ipad for movies
+caramel popcorn
^^Little Avery visited a few months back and was obsessed with Django, she calls him her cousin!

^^Bri had a beard going after Hawaii, which I loved, but had to shave it for finals at BYU. 
He kept shaving in increments and came out looking like my dad haha

^^I got a huge box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts and gave them to friends,
and of course ate most of the box....

^^Bragging rights: I am the youngest of four in the family and the first to graduate college!

^^Cheesecake graduation celebration with the Rea's, congrats Bria hahaha

^^my baby boy got shaved and all of his black hair is gone, *hysterically crying emoji*
I cried when I saw him. He looks like a gray rat...but I still love him! 

^Sunday naps

 ^^Graduation Sunday dinner with my family and the Rea's

^^Graduation flowers from my dad

A couple of Sundays ago the weather was perfect. We decided to go the park, take Django and take a little nap. There were little kids selling toys for like 25 cents so we bought some and played with them.

 ^^one of the toys

My mom always gets condos in Park City that she'll stay in for the week and let us kids use it for a night or two. 
Bri and I went up for a night and hit up some of our favorites (favorite eateries of course):
+Red Banjo Pizza
+The Bakery (for their lemon bars, coconut macaroons, and chocolate decadence)
+Chocolate Factory
+Mexican Food (it's in a strip mall, but I can't remember the name!)
+Ruth's Chris Steakhouse 

 ^^Chocolate Factory, Django loved his bone!

My parents took us our to Ruth's Chris for a graduation dinner, have we had enough graduation celebrations? It lasts longer when there's two of us!

The boys went on a "boys trip" to the wave so my mom and I stayed up in Park City and got some favorites from Whole Foods and saw Age of Adeline!

I love that my dad is so adventurous and takes the boys on fun trips!

& our mother's day present to my perfect mom.
Bri wrote me the sweetest card on Mother's Day that made me cry and he planned the funnest date to go along with it!

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