(My roommate owned a cat and Brian & I hated the cat--it's name was kitten--so he was hilarious and sent me this picture when we were dating)

I am so thankful for my sweet husband.

Yesterday I had a piece of metal underneath my skin in my pointer finger and I could not get it out,
I was going to go to my neighbor for help but honestly I was being a big baby it hurt so bad!!!
(& I didn't want her to see me cry)

Brian was in class and I called him 17 times, texted him 4, and emailed him 3.
(He doesn't get service in this class and can't use electronics...come on BYU!)
Also, I promise this hurt so bad...I don't usually annoy him like that.

He got out of class and was driving to work when he finally called me back and heard how stressed and sad I was, he raced home to help me while having to miss some work.

He fortunately got the massive piece of metal out, while I was screaming for him to stop haha, and it really just made my day! 

(sorry I just had to put this on because I was so happy about it)

thanks for saving the day, hun! 

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