Here are some fun snapshots of our Christmas break in Montana!

On Christmas day the boys went snowboarding while the girls prepared Christmas dinner

I made sure to wrap Bri's birthday presents in non christmas wrapping paper

It was almost non-stop snowing and freezing the whole time we were there!

right after family pics we all had to Instagram...


sledding with the siblings
 ^^I love my sissies! 

The boys went snowmobiling one day...so I tagged along!

We were at the tippy top of Big Mountain and it was the most incredible view,
I was so happy I tagged along on this adventure...even though my toes did freeze!

Although I was so sad to not spend Christmas with my family for the first time, spending it with my in-laws was wonderful! It consisted of a lot of sleeping in and relaxing...exactly what ALL of us needed! 

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