our friends found the best pie place-->The Press Cidery in Salt Lake
they have the yummiest pies and cider!

after we tried this place we had a pie party, hosted by jean paul & grace
and we pretended we made this delicious apple pie!
(and then we ordered like five pies for Thanksgiving) 


This was Bri's project for his history of art class, we made the Alberta flag out of candy...I kind of felt like I was in the 5th grade, and it was pretty fun. 

Our good family friend, Chanel, had a baby a little while back and we beg and beg to steal her like every single night. Her name is Collins and she is just so perfect. We love when friends have babies!

here's a sneak peak of our christmas photos that the amazing chantel marie did:

My sweet friend from high school recently got off her mission and is now engaged! I went to her shower where I saw a few high school friends I hadn't seen since my wedding! It was such a great reunion!

Bri and I miss Japan constantly, so he made one of our favorite meals the other night...(it doesn't look very good, but I promise it is so delicious!)


I had my work party in salt lake and we missed it due to TONS of traffic,
my sister-in-law and her husband happened to be going to the lights at temple square that same night so we just met up with them! You cannot go through Christmas without seeing the lights at Temple Square! 

Brian has a friend who throws a fancy Christmas party every year, except she's been on her mission, so this was my first time going to it!


^^our white elephant gifts! The Japanese gift is a portable toilet, it's like a human litter box and we got it on our way up hiking Mt. Fuji! & the book we found in our apartment we just moved into a few weeks ago, we got a good laugh out of it! 

I <3 my sibling-in-laws!

Last Sunday we went to my parents to make gingerbread houses with my family! 

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