^^Halloween Day

Halloween is long over and I know everyone has moved onto Christmas,
but I still needed to post my pics! 

My mom had a family Halloween party with a yummy dinner and homemade donuts!
(We've made homemade donuts on Halloween ever since I can remember)

Brian was in Texas over the weekend and left me all alone on Halloween, I was so sad!
So, I hit up our friends--couples--Halloween party solo as a black cat...I know so cliche. 
The party was full of fun, food, desserts, and games! 

This Halloween was so fun, I forced Brian into watching my favorite Halloween movies which consisted of all of the Halloweens with Mike Myers and Scream 1,2,3. Unfortunately, he didn't grow up watching Hocus Pocus like I did, so we didn't get around to that one this year. 

Okay...I'll move on from Halloween now that it's almost the middle of November.

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