i know conference weekend happened forever ago,
but better late than never!

i love conference weekend because it means sunday consists of a delicious brunch, relaxing, listening to the church's leaders, and a halloween craft! 

brian and i woke up and my mom instantly put us to work, 
i started getting the craft ready while bri made the most amazing coconut french toast!
(he is a ten times better cook than i am!)

we get a big load of conference talks over the weekend and it's hard to really get everything out of them in those two days...so on our long way down to school  in the morning we've been re-listening to the talks and it has been wonderful.

and to end the day we went on a nice hike with my mom and dad up bell canyon above our home, 
and of course had to come home and inhale these pumpkin chocolate chip donuts my sister and her boyfriend made! 

brian and i have been busy, busy, busy. 
we took a quick weekend trip up to idaho with my dad to visit some family, especially because brian has never met my grandma! 
It's crazy, I've met all of his family and he has met only a few of my extended family, so it was nice that he finally got to meet my grandma logan! 

anyway, we are off to CANADA, i've never been so i'm pretty excited about that!

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