we went to tokyo to spend a few night's at brian's friends parents place,
which was SO nice sleeping on a queen bed normal mattress (instead of the blow up twin bed we've been sharing in our tiny, tiny apartment)

we hiked mt. fuji on saturday and explored a little bit on sunday,
which was a terrible idea because i couldn't walk for a few days. 

we went to yoyogi park!
it was so much fun to see all of the commotion. 
people don't have room in their homes for hobbies and other things,
so there was everything you could imagine in the park!
Musical instruments (even a full drum set), dancing, singing, juggling, sports, everything! 

after the park we went to harajuku to find some harajuku girls, but we only found a few and they were very interesting looking! (if you don't know what a harajuku girl is, google it now!)

harajuku has tons of nice shopping so we did a lot of [window] shopping.
i am getting sick of eating rice or noodles every single day.
we were in tokyo which has TONS of american food, and we found a TGI Fridays!
(we don't even eat that in America, but it sounded amazing here)

we got big american burgers and enjoyed every last bite of it!

another six hour bus ride home...hopefully it's the last we have to take!

because there are tons of foreigners haha.

here's a fun little video from tokyo:

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