this sounds disgusting, but i love getting corn dogs (here it's american dog) at 7eleven.
i would normally not buy food like this from a convenient store at home, but when i'm sick of eating rice and noodles i'll go pick me up a $1 corn dog. 

so saturday night, after our long and adventurous day, at about 11 pm on our walk back from the train station i decided i wanted an american dog. 
(we usually don't stay up really late, but we decided to skype both of our families. i mostly needed to skype mine because they were on their way to lake powell and i was super depressed about it. best family vacation ever.)

at around 1 am, after talking to our parents, the american dog decided to not go well in my stomach...needless to say i was up all night and will not be going back to the sev to get an american dog. 

(this is a longer post than it needs to be, sorry)
so sunday we slept in all day after being up all night, which we were super sad about because the mission presidents were visiting and teaching the classes at church & it was one of the sister missionaries last sunday in the ward.  


we decided to finally leave the house to get a camera lens that we lost when we ran into this massive festival happening in our tiny little town komaki.

we missed this amazing festival all day because we wanted to hang out and be lazy!
we were kicking ourselves for missing this, we got a few hours of exploring it at night and were so entertained! 

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