my life as of late...

^^brian saved my favorite cookies from his flight and surprised me with them! 
^^when we went to the temple, they had A&W root beer...
i don't even like root beer, but why not?
^^had to try on the minnie ears and see how they looked at DisneySea

so brian has been making the best (non-asian) meals for us lately.
he's amazing:
 ^^we play games while eating
 ^^the missionaries invited me to do crafts last week,
i got them some cute nail polish since they get me out of the house!
^^seriously CAN'T stay away from the the yummy vending machines here
they were only 100 yen ($1) last weekend!
^^the korean bbq had peach sorbet inside a peach, it reminded me of the sorbets at costco.
(love my photobomber's behind me)
this is the saddest wedding invite ever received! 

(but the cutest one, am i right?)

it's brian's sister--katy--who's getting married and we can't make it cause it's next weekend!

we are so sad we are missing it!

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  1. SO sad you guys can't come!! I love your blog!!!!