Komaki Castle (& Shrine)

last weekend we decided to explore more of the city we're living in, komaki. 
we went to the komaki castle, walked all around inside and outside, and learned about the history.
we found a yummy ramen place for lunch 
(we even found a denny's on our way...but who even really likes eating there in America?)

we went to a really hilarious, and very famous, shrine. 
they have a big fertility festival every year that's super popular. 
this festival fills the streets of tons of people and decorations...of wieners. 
brian actually googled it before we came here and i thought it was a bunch of pictures of hot dogs.
anyway----we went to the shrine and here are some pictures...you have been warned 
(although it is very hilarious)

^^they carry this down the streets

the candy and treats:

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  1. Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! What a crazy tradition!

    Also so true about the denny's thing. I remember going there after church when I was in high school, but not since!