See Ya Later America

i spent my last days in the US doing some favorites. 
i went out to every meal with different friends everyday before i left, unfortunately didn't take any pics.
my mom treated me to some of my favorite meals, including cheesecake factory and the BEST taco stand in salt lake. 
& my neighborhood threw a party the night before i left, we pretended it was a going away party for me! 

 ^^breakfast with some friends 

^^we were in charge of the cotton candy for the party, my favorite! 

^^the people in my neighborhood own some pretty fun cars, so there was a "car show" during the party

on thursday morning i left super early to catch my plane. 
i flew to detroit then to japan--a 13 hour flight.
i didn't sleep a wink on the plane.
it was very strange seeing as sleep is my best friend (right after my husband, of course).
it was the most uncomfortable 13 hours sitting down. (i once went to korea with my family, i think it was a 14 hour flight, but its like it never happened because i slept the full 14 hours)

i passed the time by starting and ending a great book--the fault in our stars
and watching tons and tons and tons of movies. 
when i landed i had to hang out a bit because brian wasn't off work yet.
he came bearing gifts--flowers and a chocolate dessert--he knows the way to my heart. 
we were so happy to see each other, we couldn't stop hugging and kissing...japanese people don't show affection so people were definitely staring, oh and the fact that we are white. 

this is one crazy and different country, more adventures to come! 


  1. Have so much fun Brenna!! Can't wait to see all the adventures you guys will do while you're there....I miss you this summer so much����

    1. Thank you Jenny! I know, I miss being with all the girls!

  2. YAY! So glad you made it safe! Also fault in our stars was such a good book! I read it last week and couldn't help but shed a few tears.

    1. oh my, same! I was definitely crying a little bit on the plane haha