long overdue

^^the only thing i know how to order at mcdonald's...i got lucky with the water. 

this post is long overdue...
i'm living in japan, it's insane!
this country is so different from what i'm used to.
sure i've been out of the country, even to asia, but more just the touristy area's.
we live in a small city, Komaki, just outside of Nagoya. 
people stare at us constantly because we are the only white people around. 

the first day i got here brian and i toured Nagoya a little bit.
we explored their beautiful malls and towers.
i love just people watching, all of the different styles are so fun to watch.

on sunday we found our church 
and it was so nice to be with people who had the same interests and SPOKE ENGLISH!
i must admit, i feel kind of like a stupid american. 
everyone was asking me if i knew another language, everybody at the very least knows two.
one girl even speaks four languages, that i know of. 
but everybody was so nice and inviting and a few of the missionaries are from utah! 

the first day alone without brian i didn't leave the apartment.
i was toooooo scared! (& i had about 2 weeks of schoolwork to catch up on)
yesterday i finally ventured out.
i rode my bike to a great sports park, the dollar store, the grocery store, and mcdonalds.
i definitely got lost at one point and almost had a heart attack! 
but it was so fun to ride around and see all of the different houses and people. 

so far everything has been incredible and a little scary. 
we have so much planned for while we are here, and i can't wait to venture out! 


  1. So happy to hear how its going! Keep updating! Praying that things go well!