Leaving For Japan

(on our way to the airport)

brian's last day in Utah was full of festivities. 
my parents woke us up with a big, yummy breakfast.
we drove down to provo where our friends, kyler + rachel, had a bbq--we like to think it was a "brian's going away bbq", but it wasn't haha. 
& for dinner, brian's sister and her fiance took us out to dinner and hokulia snow cones. 
my parents had just bought a scooter when we got home, so we took it out for a little spin. 

brian left for the airport on sunday morning.
we didn't get to talk until early monday morning. 
it was 6am this morning and i kept getting calls, finally i woke up and realized it was him calling! 
it was 9pm monday night for him and he was exhausted from flying, he had a 12 hour flight and didn't sleep through any of it! 
we will be apart for 18 days, the longest we have ever been apart--married or dating. 
the first day was even hard, just knowing we will be apart for awhile.
& we can't talk at normal hours, i either have to stay up really late or wake up really early to catch him after work. 

it was so good to hear a little about where we are going to live!
he said our apartment is about a five minute walk from his work.
& our apartment is tiny, tiny, tiny. i don't even think the bed is big enough for two...
i seriously cannot wait to get over there to be with him! 

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  1. Wow! That must be a hard transition. Praying everything goes smooth!