I Love You, Mom

(^^one of my very favorite pictures from my wedding day, by the amazing azure b photography)

my mom is one amazing woman. and she knows how much i love her and admire her. she has been my best friend my whole life. she is the most selfless woman around, always putting mine and everyone's needs before her own. i always tell her how scared i am to be a mom, because i know it is impossible to do everything she does for me. she is superwoman. i really don't know how she does everything that she does. 

we could talk and talk for hours upon end. (seriously, i moved home when brian went to japan and we literally never stop talking. i feel bad for my dad, i've been stealing her this past week) i honestly don't know where i would be in life if it was not for my mother. she has always pushed me in the right direction and has been the best example of being an amazing wife and mother. she always steered me to make right choices and was there to listen and comfort me when i made some wrong choices. she really is one amazing woman. i could go on and on about her, so here are a few memories i love:

-our shopping trips to california and new york are my favorite times and memories! 

-if i was having a bad day, she would check me out of school and we would spend the whole day together

-in high school she would bring me breakfast every morning into my room while i was getting ready

-she would wait up for me to get home at night so i could tell her everything about my night

-she can and will listen to everything i have to say. she knows when i need advice and when to give it, but she also knows when to just give a listening ear.

-she is the best cook i know and craftiest person i know. i can come to her for any party idea and she will spend tons of time working on something spectacular. (she was my own personal wedding planner/caterer) 

-every time i see her, no matter what, she makes me feel so beautiful. she has the power to make everyone around her love her and feel so confident about themselves. her compliments are always so sincere. 

-last summer i found a love for lemon bars, not just any though...Great Harvest lemon bars. i had been craving them in Nashville and didn't think they had a Great Harvest. so she had a great idea to call Great Harvest and pick a huge batch of them at 5am, and missed her flight to Nashville...luckily she caught the next flight and brought me the delicious dessert. after all of the trouble, the next day we went shopping and saw a Great Harvest across the street...whoops! 

the bond that i have with my mother, i only dream of to have with my children. she is one incredible woman and has been my hero forever. i love you mom. happy mother's day. xoxo


  1. Words can't express how I feel for you and all my children. It has truly been an honor to be your mother. I truly love all of you more than the specs of sand on all the beaches, more than there are stars in the sky, more than there are are leaves on trees... I love you to the moon and back!❤️

  2. I'm dying over the lemon bars story! I can totally picture the whole thing! So. Great.

    Robin is my absolute fav! Love this, Bren!!