Easter Sunday

we spent Easter sunday at my parents house yesterday.
now that we are grown up, my parents have done away with an easter egg hunt.
this year my mom switched things up.
inside our easter basket she gave us things that went along with easter scriptures and we all read one aloud while we were opening our baskets.

my mom made the yummiest dinner and dessert (one of my favorites: fruit tart!)
after, we went to the park to play a little softball
(my brother is on a softball team right now and needed some practice)
we were all so terrible, except most of the boys and my sister cause she played in high school.
so yeah, just mostly me. 
we had a lot of fun!!!


  1. You're bangs are so cute!! Looks like such a fun weekend!

    1. Seriously thank you so much, my bangs have been so hard to work with! haha