one year celebration

our one year was so much fun! 
we wanted to do something spectacular...but then we realized we're going on a trip in almost a week and that will be our big celebration! 

we made a yummy breakfast together in the morning.
at night we got all dressed up and went out to eat.
we came home and put on our wedding outfits and had surprises for each other.

brian put out the cards he wrote on when he purposed leading to the kitchen with candles allover 
and told me the sweetest things about our one year together. 

i made this little book of my top favorite memories from our first year.
and i made a little movie of clips from our first year (watch below). 

i have learned so much from our first year of marriage. 
i would not change one thing about every moment i have shared with brian. 
before i met brian i swore to myself i would wait until i was 25 to get married and i wouldn't be young at all getting married. then i met brian and was married at 19!
and it has been amazing. 
i love learning all about life with brian, i wouldn't want it any other way.

we have had so many adventures and i am so happy we have so many great opportunities ahead of us.
i seriously could go on and on about how much i love brian and how amazing this year has been. 

i am so excited for many, many more!   

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