my favorite

my mom is seriously the sweetest. 
i could go on and on and on about how great she is. 
she still gives us sweet little gifts on holidays, like this valentines gift.
and it's always something fun and unexpected.

when we were younger she used to do the funnest thing to hide our vday presents.
 we would wake up in the morning before school and there would be 4 ribbons tied to a doorknob. 
the ribbons would lead all over the house on every single floor, crisscrossing and confusing.
we each had a different colored ribbon and would have to follow it.
the ribbon would lead to our presents hidden somewhere. 

i mean first of all it is so nice that she even gives us valentines presents! 
and she is always thinking outside of the box to do creative, fun things for us.
like getting us so excited to run around the house to find a present, when she could have just handed it to us!

anyway, i love that she did fun traditions with us when we were little
and i hope i can be just as creative and fun when i have littles. 



  1. That is such a fun tradition! It is so sweet how the traditions continue!