happy (super late) birthday to brian!!!

while we were in brian head we celebrated brian's birthday, which is on the 27th of december....the absolute worst birthday. it is right after christmas which means everyone is burnt out from celebrations. but we still tried to make it special.
(we also now celebrate his half birthday)

i tried decorating our room all cute early in the morning with his favorite treats and a birthday sign, but when i was blowing up balloons he woke up and ruined the surprise!
we went snowboarding all day long.
we had his favorite meal--homemade cafe rio.
played some games.
he opened a few presents.
had his favorite dessert--angel food cake.
& to end his birthday i gave him a great foot massage!

i am the absolute luckiest person to have brian in my life.
he makes everything better and makes me want to be a better person.
he brings so much happiness to our home and is constantly making me laugh.
sometimes i really don't understand how the heck i landed him to be my husband. 

well brian, if you ever read this (which you don't) happy 24th birthday!
i love you

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