brian is the hardest worker and is always looking for adventure for us. 
he is so amazing, he will set his mind to something and achieve it! 

he served his LDS mission in japan and has loved the country and people there ever since. 
(once we were shopping at winco and a group of japanese business men walked in and we searched the whole store to "run into them" so brian could talk to them!)
he went back two summers ago to visit and knew he wanted to live there at some point. 

we are moving to japan

brian applied for an internship through BYU and he got it! it starts next summer and it is for four months. 
brian told his parents and they were freaking out telling him congrats.
we told my parents and they both started to cry--tears of joy and sadness.
the furthest i have lived is 20 minutes away for college. 
and living in nashville this summer was tough at times to be away from my family.

but we are both so excited and are so thankful for the opportunity to go to japan and work.
it will be such an adventure and i am so happy i get to share these new experiences with my love.


  1. We are going there next December/January!!!! Will you guys still be there?!!