happy thanksgiving!

so right now we are in arizona with brian's family for thanksgiving. they have a house in arizona and montana which means they are always in the states for holidays and we never get to go to canada...so sad i have never been! but so happy for the warmer weather!

so funny story...
this picture was from monday, brian was at school all day so i was trying to send him a picture of me getting stuff done--like packing for az. i was standing on the edge of the bed trying to balance myself to get the picture. i reached for the ceiling for balance but i nailed the light and it shattered everywhere! i got some cuts on my fingers and was super embarrassed. and i didn't even get a picture the first time! hopefully we don't get charged for damage in our apartment...

happy "american" thanksgiving!  xoxo
(as brian's family would say)


  1. Oh no! I'm glad you were not injured more! That is something that would happen to me!