wedding dress.

since i recently got married, i feel i get to brag a bit about my wedding. let me start with my wedding dress and my most amazing seamstress chantel galloway. she made my dress a dream, and i am so thankful i found her!

how i found my dress was very stressful. brian and i weren't even engaged yet, but knew our wedding date. my mom called me one morning saying that my dress was the very first thing i needed to find. i remembered seeing on pinterest there was a wedding dress sample sale at alta moda bridal. my mom was out of town, so she called her best friend to come with me. 

all i knew i wanted with my dress was to be fitting, not poofy in any way, and NO lace...pretty much those dresses do not exist here. the first dress i tried on was the one. it was the hardest decision without my mom, and i was in tears deciding! but i got it and could not have been happier with it. 

this is my original dress (a size 8!):

we had no idea how to make it modest with sleeves without ruining the neckline, so we found this picture on pinterest and gave it to my seamstress. 

i was chantel's visiting teacher in my ward and was so happy i learned she was a seamstress at david's bridal. she did it out of her home and did so much for me! she even made my veil for me! 

^^this was at one of the fittings. 
the finished dress:

i loved my dress and had to blog it. also, my amazing aunt gave me my "something borrowed". she had a beautiful fur piece she purchased at an estate sale in paris that was from the 1920's. describing it as beautiful is an understatement. 

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