How We Met

brian and i met one year ago on september first. after church he planned a little picnic and we walked to a duck pond at byu. we hung out, ate some good food, and fed the ducks. 

last year we were both at an apartment complex in provo, the village, both hanging out with some friends. i saw him with a group of boys i was friends with and was confused why i had never met this  boy dressed in the cutest outfit. (yes, i spotted him out first.) We ended up not meeting there, but later that night him and his friends went up to a few of my friends wanting to hang out. my friend kadee called me up saying, "the boys you were eyeing all night are coming to my apartment!" so i was pretty excited. so we met at my friends apartment in king henry, where he nonchalantly asked for my number....and that is how we met! 

it has been such an exciting year getting to know brian and marrying him. we have had wonderful adventures and am eager to find experience new things with him everyday! i love you, brian. 

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