Lake Powell Part 1

^^Traveling in style to Lake Powell. My family goes to Lake Powell every year with another one of our family friends for a week and we have so much fun! Lake Powell is the best family vacation, its easy entertainment, no technology (especially internet), and we are in a confined space and have to make fun by playing lots of games!

^^Notice how my husband is in this picture? He surprised me...but that will be in another post! We go to church every time in LP, dressed in church clothes riding in the boat, some people even show up to church in their swim suits and cover ups, it's hilarious! 

^^Our friends caught so many fish and we grilled them up that night, they were so yum!

This was Brian's first real trip to Lake Powell and I hope we can carry on this tradition when we have kids. We have the best time at LP, I would pick this vacation over any other. This is a trip we make sure to come to, Brian and I came from Nashville and my sister came from Montana just to be here. More pics to come! 

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