Summer Market

A couple of days ago the girls and I went to a Summer Market at the Homestead Manor Plantation in Thompson Station. It was a market with tons of booths of people who made creative things and sell them on Etsy. Some stations had handmade baby clothing, handmade necklaces, and others had "junk" that would be so fun to decorate with. 

^I wanted to take home a big R to put in our home when we get back to Utah, unfortunately too big to fit on a plane...

^I got the yummiest peaches at a booth from Georgia! 

^These kids had the cutest lemonade stand, I want one of these for when I have littles. They were selling them for $6 in a mason jar...too bad it wasn't fresh squeezed. 

It was so fun to be here, I found some good stuff I bought as well! Tennessee tip: don't bother curling your hair, it will be flat the second you walk out the door! 

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  1. OH my gosh that market looks like the cutest!!