Yesterday, June 7th, was a big day for anniversaries! The first one was my brother's one year of being home from his mission. He served in the Dominican Republic for 2 years and now has been home 1 year! This was the first year my whole family have been home in 3 years, and it has been fun! 

The second anniversary is my parent's wedding anniversary. They have been married for 28 years and are seriously the best example of a great marriage! I am so happy to have them as role models in my life, love them! 

And, the last anniversary is mine and my hubby's 3 months of marriage! It has been so much fun, getting married and moving straight to Nashville, two really big changes for me. But, I have loved it so much and I love Brian more and more every single day. It is great to find out new things about him all of the time. We have had a ton of fun out here together and could not be happier with where I am! 

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